Reverse Engineering Malware on Linux with IDA Pro

The brief method. If I get good response to this post, I will put up a more detailed and in-depth look at malware reversing on Linux.

* Download IDA Pro (freeware)
* Install wine
* Install IDA Pro
* Start reversing

Download IDA Pro (freeware):
$ cd /tmp
$ wget

Install wine:
$ sudo aptitude install wine

Install IDA Pro:
$ wine /tmp/idafree49.exe

Start reversing:
$ wine "~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/IDA Free/idag.exe"
-> Now open the malware binary and select the option for ELF executables

This post is a stub for a future longer version if anyone shows interest. I don't even know how many Linux Journal readers actually reverse malware on Linux...


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I need to see more!

I need it too!

Kamal Wickramanayake's picture

Count me in.

I want to see a more

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I want to see a more detailed and in-depth look at malware reversing on Linux too!

Thanks in advance!

Count me in(terested)

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I am definitely interested in the in-depth version!


the linux part is irrelevant

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Reverse engineering malware with IDA is the same regardless of which platform you use, especially if you are using WINE and IDA v4.9 free. There is a linux native version of IDA, except that it is commercial only.

Either way, you are still going to need a virtualbox/vmware/etc virtualization image of Windows XP SP2 or newer in order to effectively unpack most malware using a debugger.

I dont see why you think a

Kristian Erik Hermansen's picture

I dont see why you think a windows installation is necessary to unpack linux ELF obfuscated binaries :-)