Red Hat 8.0 Browser update

I am a new user to Linux.

I have a laptop loaded with Red Hat 8.0 and would like to install Firefox 3.0 on it. It states that I must have certain levels of various programs (Gnome 2.16) for example in order to do so. I do not know how to update these items such as Gnome. I am a former/current Windows user.

Can anyone give me some assistance or point me to a place to obtain such basic information as how to update various applications of Linux?


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Wats d scheduling mechanism in Linux Red hat 8.0........??


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Not sure what you're asking or how it relates to upgrading a browser. Try again.

Mitch Frazier is an Associate Editor for Linux Journal.

Red Hat or Fedora???

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If you actually have Red Hat 8.0 (which is circa 2002) and not Fedora 8 (circa this year or last year) you're probably gonna have trouble upgrading lots of things. There's no ongoing support for Red Hat 8.0, it was last updated in 2004.

If you have Fedora 8, then you're probably good to go as is. If you need to update something open a root shell window and type "yum update". There's probably also an entry somewhere under "System Settings" related to updating packages (I don't have a Fedora system in front of me right now).

Mitch Frazier is an Associate Editor for Linux Journal.