Putting a retired appliances to work.

Part of my load balancer farm was made obsolete when the vendor (Juniper) announced retirement of the DX product line. The product line was acquired from Redline Networks and retired fairly quickly.

I'd like to reload these boxes with a Linux distribution and release them to the security team. There are regular articles about turning an old computer into a useful appliance, but I'm wanting to re-purpose some old appliances as more flexible Linux servers. It's a shame to see these powerful servers going to waste.

I'll be cracking the boxes open this weekend to see if I can identify the system board. Suggestions or links to resources would be appreciated.

Hopeful but Not Sure

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Searched a bit, as I suspect you have also, but couldn't find anything about installing Linux on those boxes. As you probably already know those are Intel based systems and they're running a FreeBSD derived OS. Both of those are good indicators that Linux will work, question of course is: will a stock distro work?

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