OpenStack Queens, RedDrop Android Spyware, Oracle's VirtualBox and More

News briefs for March 1, 2018.

OpenStack Queens was released yesterday. The 17th version of the open-source cloud infrastructure software "offers a packed release with advancements benefiting not only enterprises with mission-critical workloads but also organizations investing in emerging use cases like containers, NFV, edge computing and machine learning". See the release notes here.

ZDNet reports on newly discovered Android malware called RedDrop that spies on users, makes live recordings and steals data, "including files, photos, contacts, notes, device data and information about saved Wi-Fi networks and nearby hotspots".

Amazon is teaming up with Nuance Communications, Inc., to get its Alexa voice assistant into cars ahead of Google, and they're using the open-source Automotive Grade Linux to do it, according to Bloomberg. Read more about the developments here.

Oracle's VirtualBox 5.2.8 was released this week with support for Linux 4.15. View the changelog here, and download it from here.

HotSwap is bringing hot code reloading to Buck (Facebook's open-source build tool). According to the press release, "By no longer requiring a cold restart, HotSwap greatly improves iteration speed when developing Android apps". For more info, see the Facebook Code post.


Jill Franklin, Executive Editor, Linux Journal