Ohio Linux – We’ve Got Your Number!

Wondering why you should be at Ohio Linux Fest? Because Shawn and Lydia say so.


Katherine Druckman is webmistress at LinuxJournal.com. You might find her on Twitter or at the Southwest Drupal Summit


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Ross Larson's picture

Nutty, catchy, and effective. Perfect for Linux Journal.
Excellent vid.
If I wasn't already committed that weekend, I'd consider making the three state trek to the con.

Linux rocks!
Personal blog: zootlinux.blogspot.com

That is great. She has a

njlinuxmike's picture

That is great. She has a future in web media.

You just Rock

André's picture

That's all I have to say!! :D


Shawn Powers's picture

My daughter will be so excited to be on the linuxjournal.com site!

Thanks Katherine. :)

Shawn Powers is a Linux Journal Associate Editor. You might find him on IRC, Twitter, or training IT pros at CBT Nuggets.