The newly updated 1994-2010 Linux Journal Archive is here!

In easy-to-use HTML format, the fully searchable, space saving DVD offers immediate access to an essential resource for the Linux enthusiast: Linux Journal. The archive includes all 200 issues of Linux Journal, from the premiere issue in March 1994 thru December 2010.

$34.95 at

(Hint: see pg. 77 of the February issue to save 15% on your copy.)



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Why Not Make the Monthly Downloads HTML?

rokky's picture

Your PDF-formatted monthly issues are monstrous in size compared to other magazines, and are much slower to render/view (if at all on ereaders, which are much lower-powered than most PC's). And despite your instructions about viewing with Adobe Reader on Windoze, I suspect many of your subscribers are using Linux-based readers such as Evince as I do - cognitive dissonance here...

P.S. Please take measures like most other web-based discussion fora that seem to be effective in preventing spam posts like the one above. I see a captcha for this posting, so it must not be strong enough? I will not subscribe to LJ discussions because of that.