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The new T-Shirts are here (even in XXL) and we're still givin em away in exchange for a Tech-Tip. Send your entries to the web editor (use the subject line "Tech Tip" and please include your mailing address as well as your T-Shirt size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, or XX-Large).

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If, and when, we use your tech-tip we'll notify you and send your T-Shirt. Note that depending on the response, it may be as long as 3 months before we get to your tech-tip, so please be patient.

For inspiration, use the search feature and search for Tech Tip to see some of the tech-tips that we've published recently.

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Thanks, Great Read

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Great read, thanks. The gang at Boner Billy’s is working hard to bring a theme line of Shirts, Apparel, Gift items in support of Boner Billy’s famous Hot Dogs. When I run across outstanding information information I am inspired by what I see, and full of ideas!

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