I needed an FTP client that would resume a put. I had been using a firefox plugin but it isn't available for firefox 3 yet. I had also used Kftpgrabber which works but is (newbies beware here) hard to use because it has a GUI instead of being a nice, clean, easy-to-use command line.

Is there such an animal? Yes, and its name is ncftp. Easy to use? I think so. For example, to upload the Plan de Manejo Reserva Natural Tisey-Estansuela (that I have named tisey_plan.pdf for sanity) to our ftp site that requires a login, here is what I did:

$ ncftp -u secret_username -p secret_password
> cd /www/p/gr
> put plan_tisey.ftp

If the file exists, its default action is to ask you what to do: skip, resume or restart.

The result? Check out and practice your Spanish. You will quickly know a lot more about where the Geek Ranch is being built.

In case you are wondering, we use servage for some of our hosting. They are in Germany, and offer a lot of space and bandwidth at a reasonable price. On the downside, no shell access is available. And, yes, they are running Linux.


Phil Hughes

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