Mike and Tux, sitting in a tree...

Michael Dell Runs Ubuntu, Jim Thompson reports. Sure 'nuff:

The key excerpt...

Comes now an interesting announcement, of sorts, on the Dell website:

"What kind of computer does Michael Dell use?"


Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn

VMWare Workstation 6 Beta

OpenOffice.org 2.2



Evolution Groupware 2.10

note that the M90 model is not listed on the "all Dell Notebooks" page, nor on the
"Dell Open-Source Notebooks" page. but it does appear here.

People swore that Dell would never ship anything but Intel CPUs and Microsoft software. The AMD CPUs appeared last year, looks like Microsoft isn't going steady with Dell anymore, either. Conspicious by its absence is Windows Vista, according to the website, Mr. Dell doesn't run Vista on ANY of his machines.

How much and now soon will the details change in the Michael's Computers frame on the executive bio page? (If at all?) Place your bets.

Meanwhile, here's some good advice for Dell and all the other hardware system makers out there.

And here's Jim's earlier called-it-right post on the matter of Dell and Linux.


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Official Desktops with Ubuntu

David's picture

Dell now made it official that they deliver desktop computers with Ubuntu within the next 6 weeks. There was no announcement for notebooks!

Michael Dell & Ubuntu

B.L. Ochman's picture

The Dell site lists Vista Ultimate on his desktops, but Ubuntu is still shown to be on his laptop.

Doesn't run Vista?

joel's picture

Funny that he "doesn't run Vista on ANY of his machines," when the page with his computers lists Vista Ultimate on every computer except the M90.

Dell M90

Hal O'Brien's picture

The reason the M90 doesn't show up in the comparison chart you link to appears to be because that's a "Home and Small Business page. Looking at Dell's Medium and Large Business summary for notebooks, it's right there.

The home page for the M90 is here

M90 & Vista

Stevew's picture

Seems that Dell only offer it with Vista installed so you have to pay the Microsoft tax even if you don't use Windows.


Dell Notebooks in Europe?

EURO 2008's picture


does anybody know, if dell is delivering this notebooks with ubuntu to Europe as well (Germany). Didn't find anything on their website.