Linux-Native Task Management? Check.

Task management programs are commonplace in our busy lives, but it seems that every system lacks something. Google Tasks is nice, but it lacks the features of a more robust task management system. Remember the Milk is nice, but it charges for some of its features. Many standalone task management programs are great, but they don't sync between devices.

Thankfully, Nitrotasks is a Linux-based task management program that not only syncs between computers, but also has some organization features reminiscent of the "Get Things Done" method. When you add the Web-based version and syncing compatibility with Dropbox or Ubuntu One, Nitrotasks is worth checking out. It's simple, but its Linux-native roots and Web-based access make it compelling. Be sure to put "check out" on your to-do list!


Shawn is Associate Editor here at Linux Journal, and has been around Linux since the beginning. He has a passion for open source, and he loves to teach. He also drinks too much coffee, which often shows in his writing.


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Cool topic

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I'm in the process of looking for some cool tools and this helps. thx

I know

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I know it seems counter-intuative, but I abandoned Nitro for a more simple solution - Outlook reminders. Just set a reminder and it pops up letting you know what's on your plate for the day. That way you don't have to go to yet another website to check what needs to be done. Since I'm already doing most of my work on the desktop, why open another browser? Outlook pops up messages on your desktop. You'll have to run it through Virtualbox obviously (hmmmm, well that's an extra step in it's own isn't it?). I don't think I can win this argument.


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Does Nitrotasks work on Android too? My wife and I both use android cell phones and our kids run linux and windows. If this would work across all three, this would fit the bill for our family's task management needs.

Very nice looking application

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Very nice looking application.

Currently I'm using a shell script for managing my todo list. I should try Nitrotasks.


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Webissues can also be quite interesting even if it's name can be a bit limiting :)

Todos and Email

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We have built a task management tool ( solely for delegating/coordinating tasks easily via email. Its free, but right now only in German. Its based on web and email, so no install/download. We love feedback. Maybe this helps.


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Another one is All my collaborators switched to this after they saw how easy to use it is. Usually task management apps are too cumbersome and people run away from them, yet Trello is very flexible, allowing the use of only the features you need and nothing more. Plus it's free :)

I'm a Trello fellow, as well.

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I'm a Trello fellow, as well.

Linux rocks!
Personal blog:


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When I was working in a law firm, I tested Taskcoach ( for keeping track of the billable hours. They call it simple, but... no. It is really, really good for keeping track of tasks, partial tasks an time track.


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Emacs Org-mode. You can do task management and a whole bunch of other stuff all from within Emacs.

Nixnote with Evernote

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For good syncing capabilities between devices you could use Evernote (web based) together with your smart-phone app version and then the great Nixnote (Evernote Linux version) + there is even a windows (evernote) app of some sort too.
Evernote/Nixnote can be just for taking notes, but can also be set up as a task manager (google for how to)


Peter F.


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Todo.txt is a nice linux-native command-line BASH script that handles all, if not more of what Nitro can do (from what I have seen). It's not all that fancy-looking, being a cl app, but there are plenty of nice-looking interfaces, even for mobile devices.

Taskwarrior + $VCS

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I'm partial to Taskwarrior to maintain todo lists. Lots of nice features including a scriptable command-line interface, and the ability to put your task file under revision control (e.g. git, hg, bzr, svn) and synchronize across platforms.

task management can be a lot

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We need to distinguish what we mean by task management. Nitrotasks and todoist are todo lists, and there are lots of them. Request Tracker is linux-native, too, but it's a full-blown ticket system.

What I am looking for is software that is somewhere in between, say a todo list manager where I can add comments and create todo items by sending an email


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Interesting software.

Recently I found and started to use it. It's a good one too.