Killing "Tap to Click"

I'm about to travel which usually means getting my ASUS Z3300 ready to travel. While it is less than perfect (mostly because of its small keyboard) it is the right size for a trip. The only real irritation I have had with it is the synaptics touchpad. Or, more accurately, the tap to click feature. It just doesn't seem to be compatible with the way I type. That is, is interprets something—probably a wrist motion— as a click.

Ages ago I had disabled it with Ksynaptics but that program has gone away. That forced me to find the easy solution. That is, the one line to put in the xorg.conf file to say "I don't want this feature". It's trivial and the answer is:

Option "MaxTapTime" "0"

I feel better now.


Phil Hughes


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Speaking of Xorg Settings...

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One of my favorite settings for years was the following:

Section "ServerFlags"
        Option  "DontZap"  "True"

"DontZap" is vital for me ... for some reason my hands like to hit weird keys from time to time, including ctrl+alt+backspace and, well that ends in a dead X.

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Thanks for this. It has

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Thanks for this. It has helped me solve the same irritating problem on my Sony PCG-TR1MP notebook.