Join us for Linux Journal Live! Thursday Evening

Join Editor Shawn Powers and columnist Kyle "Hack and /" Rankin this Thursday evening -- live! Ask questions, listen in... whatever you do just make sure to come join in the fun.

When: Thursday evening, September 25th @ 8:30pm Eastern/5:30pm Pacific Time (00:30 GMT)
Length: 30 minutes
Host: Editor Shawn Powers
Co-Host: Columnist Kyle Rankin
Featured on this show:

  • Segment One: GACL as Doc Searls' coined it -- Google + Android + Chrome + Linux = it all makes sense now!
  • Segment Two: Android.
  • Segment Three: Large Hadron Collider is delayed until spring. Notably, it's running Linux.

See you Thursday night!



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Linux Journal Live and my subscription to Linux Journal

Anonymous's picture

I have been subscribed to Linux Journal since the day it first came out without interruption. It is an excellent journal. I was shocked to see that it appears you will be using Flash for your Linux Journal live event.

If you really go ahead and do the Linux Journal live event in a non-Free-Software format I will cancel my subscription after nearly 15 years.

I would love any suggestions you have

Webmistress's picture


I appreciate your devotion to free and open software, and I can assure you that we always make every effort to stick with free and open source software. Unfortunately, in this instance we have not yet found a non-flash streaming video equivalent.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance in finding such an option.

Thanks for the feedback,


Katherine Druckman is webmistress at You might find her on Twitter or at the Southwest Drupal Summit