Get More from Your e-Reader: Instapaper

If you use a dedicated e-reader to read Linux Journal every month, chances are you want to read other material on it as well. Thanks to a free service called Instapaper, if you have an e-reader like the Linux-powered Kindle, you can take your favorite Web articles with you on the go, even if your destination doesn't have Internet access!

Instapaper works by giving you a bookmark to click any time you want to view a Web page later on your e-reader. Then, from your Internet-enabled mobile device, you can read the articles at your leisure. For those folks with a Kindle, Instapaper provides a free delivery service that sends batches of articles to your Amazon account. It's important to realize Amazon will charge you for 3G-based deliveries, but if your Kindle supports Wi-Fi, delivery is free as well.

Instapaper is great if you don't like to do the bulk of your reading in a Web browser, but still want to read the latest news from the Internet. The service is currently free, but you can become a subscriber for $1 a month and support the company. Instapaper is available at


Shawn is Associate Editor here at Linux Journal, and has been around Linux since the beginning. He has a passion for open source, and he loves to teach. He also drinks too much coffee, which often shows in his writing.


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I think that it is really

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I think that it is really nice to use another device for this and I am sure that you can't have any problem with this.
Aer Conditionat


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Works mostly as advertised if I use Firefox. If I use Chrome the bookmark-bar button does not work. I use a bleeding edge version of chrome (17.0.963.12 dev) which may be the problem, but instapaper is the only thing out there that seems to not work with my chrome.

My one complaint on instapaper is that images in the web article don't make to the kindle. I recently sent a long article that referenced two figures that were absent. Otherwise, it worked well.

well, i can use it for my

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well, i can use it for my kindle

I love Instapaper

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Great post!
Instapaper is really helpful for me, I especially like the ability to read the links in the text mode Instapaper, which eliminates all the noise of the website so you can focus just on content.

I signed up for Instapaper a

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I signed up for Instapaper a couple days ago and I really like it. But i have some problems with the Instapaper now. When I read some articles on my Iphone, they get only marked as read on my phone, but not on my online account. Consequently when I have Instapaper email my Kindle the digest of articles, I get all articles I have in my account and not just the unread ones and I had to thumb through articles that I've already read.

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Looks like an interesting app.. I am gonna give it a try... thanks!


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Similar to Instapaper, the Readability extension will send web pages to your e-reader for later consumption. Alternatively, it can format the web page in your browser instantly to block everything but the article from view. Really slick.

anyone know if there are any

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anyone know if there are any apps available that will print web-pages directly to ebook format? In my view this app will act as a print driver and when I choose "print" menu I'll get have a choice of printing to a file in ebook format which I can then copy to my ebook reader for later reading or just saving the file for posterity.

right on...

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Thank you :)

...I'm not just a "troll", but also a subscriber!

Completely Free or Not Completely Free cant be both

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If its "completely free" why does it cost a dollar a month? Just saying.


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Well, i didn't see "completely free" anywhere in the article. I did see "currently free" though.

Also, the paragraph said that you can become a subscriber to "support" the company, it is not mandatory.

My bad

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My bad

I prefer Send to Kindle

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I use Google Chrome, and I found an extension called Send to Kindle, which is able to send messages directly to my email, so it has no Amazon charge at all.