Doc Searls on The Giant Zero

Linux Journal Senior Editor Doc Searls tells us about The Giant Zero.


Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.


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that comment about the cable

turn_self_off's picture

that comment about the cable company seeing the net as yet another tv channel reminded me of the story about trying to describe the idea of package based networking to the "graybeards" at the phone company.

when they heard that the circuit got closed down after a package got past along it was as if one where to read the bible backwards. you basically didnt close down the circuit in the middle of a conversation!

one got to love the net, its forcing us to reexamine our social and cultural world again and again. just like the industrial revolution made it simpler to make physical stuff that everyone could use, the information revolution is making it simpler for everyone to create mental stuff for everyone to use. its as if one had given every kid the ability to understand morse code and a radio transmitter back then.