Do you care that a new iPad was announced today?

Yes, already in line
7% (207 votes)
No, don't give a hoot
67% (1911 votes)
26% (739 votes)
Total votes: 2857


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Fb itself is actually one of the greatest the google on the community with having accessibility look for the many a lot of details.

I'm waiting for the day pads

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I'm waiting for the day pads actually become affordable and usable. (Usable means it must run linux.) If the lemmings worshiping Apple want to speed up the process I'm all for them spending their money. Now if we could just get these lemmings to push Apple to manufacturing everything in the USA things would be even better!

iPad = iRestrictive = iBoring

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iPad = iRestrictive = iBoring = iNotWantOne

I would like this comment of

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I would like this comment of that was an option :)

Is this apple journal or linux?

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I don't understand a little shit even why this Linux journal keep advertising about apple products when they are not running linux and when they restricted cups for printing.

For all readers of this stupid question. Don't you feel little bit fishy when linux journal do an article about Ipad and then ask this question on time that apple releases their "New Ipad" ? Well this is to fool the linux community for apple's mass media advertising plot.

Dear authors, we visit your site and pay for your hard copies not because we like you guys promote closed source prisons with nice drawings in cell wall but because we assume that you guys fell love for the linux and do this magazine. Please confirm this or not.b

Thank you

totally agree

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+1 on this one and, as a side-note, I'm so glad I didn't renew my subscription and I'm so close of removin' the rss feed from my netnewsticker, you don't even imagine...

Another one I like!

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Another one I like!

Laptops, not ipads

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I would be more interested in touchscreen laptops that run GNU/Linux with equal/better hardware than ipad.

Raspberry Pi

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Who cares about another iThingie?

Now the release of the Raspberry Pi this past week was a truly newsworthy announcement! Got mine on order and can't wait till it arrives in about a month!


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I didn't see anything posted to any linux sites about this?

I've never seen it as a

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I've never seen it as a particularly suitable alternatively to the visual CAPTCHA, especially since those two together do nothing to help those who are deaf-blind.
stock market today

Screen is interesting

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The high res screen will will be interesting in a year or two when other manufactures start making similar high res screens.


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i-this, ear-that, blah blah,

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i-this, ear-that, blah blah, nothing revolutionary. and most importantly unaffordable for the majority of the population of the world. And to top everything, locked down like hell.

What goes around comes around. The wheel turns....

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Jobs did well to promote Apple to its present eminence largely on the basis of style and fashion superiority. But that's not usually a permanent situation; fashions come and fashions go.
Nearly 17 years ago, I remember some press commentators sneering at the round-the-block overnight queues for Windows 95....
I agreed with them at the time that it was a lot of fuss for an upgrade, and based on experience would *never* update to a new Windows release until a year or two had gone by for the bugs to shake out.
So we can reasonably expect Apple to subside from its present pre-eminence, much as Microsoft has since 1995. It won't be that fast a decay, but it's highly probable, since the only way from the top is down.
My broker said last year that he'd been quietly getting all his clients out of Apple, anticipating Steve Jobs demise. Long term that'll probably turn out to be a very good move.
We've been having fun with less-constrained-than-Apple ARM hardware (Tegra 250, eg) under Android (bit messy, but OK for a 'phone) and Linux, usually Bodhi.
Looking forward to when the Tegra 3 series of ARM offerings become more affordable.

How is it being made?

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Apple is the world's largest public company. They have recently posted a huge - 44% - profit margin and have vast cash reserves at bank. It costs them about $10 including labour to build each iPad.

The people who assemble these beautiful machines for us are dying on the assembly line, working impossibly long hours and live in virtual slavery.

I care about that.

I second that!!

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I second that!!

I love my iPad, but I wish it

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I love my iPad, but I wish it was more open and I had more control over it.

I own a Samsung Galaxy S2 in addition to the iPad, but I guess I will probably go for a Samsung Galaxy Tab as well. I like Mac OS, but I prefer Linux.

All the best,


typical Apple

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Everytime an overpriced product hits the market I shake my head in disbelief. Even more so when said product is marketed as "new and improved," but in reality offers little or change . This is why i will never buy Apple products.

Well Put

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Well Put


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for people who claim not to give a rats arse about ipad your generating an awful lot of seo content about it? i love linux - check out our work on ELSE mobile UXI but until i have a real 10hr tablet alternative i WILL buy an ipad.

Only if...

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I would be interested in the latest iPod tablet ONLY if it shipped from the factory unlocked and running Android 4.x OR a tablet Linux distro..... I'm just a dreamer.

Only of Interest for Impact on Other Tablets

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Hoping they cut prices in response!

Not surprising results for linuxjournal

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First question I always ask:
Does it run Linux?

If not... then why would it matter?

exactly must run Linux and have root access.

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Always ask first, "Does it run Linux?"

Next question, "Does it allow me to have full root account access?" (not just chroot), Full sudo access is acceptable for specific distros.

The best option is to see if your favorite Linux vendor offers the device. My favorite Linux vendor is ZaReason. I have heard good things about System 76 also.

To avoid proprietary chip-sets that cause Linux not to work, only purchase hardware from a vendor who specializes in Linux, not someone that pays Linux lip service (ie. Dell).

A third question for software: "Can I turn auto updates OFF?"


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They made it heavier! Even less likely to want one.