Bloggers are Bonkers for BeOS!

With the blogosphere saturated with stories about Vista, Linux, Cell Phones, and Scandalous Actresses -- bloggers are thrilled about BeOS. Every blogger writing about BeOS gets TONS of traffic, because the Be resurgence is so new.

Blogger Jack Figella shares his story:
"After seeing Linux Journal shift their focus to BeOS, I thought it
would be great to blog about it. That same day, I got literally
dozens of hits from all over the 3rd world countries!!!"

There aren't very many times that tech bloggers get to be the exclusive source for new tech information, but BeOS offers even little known bloggers the opportunity to get tons of traffic! Get on board now, and Blog about BeOS, before it becomes old news!


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Ha.ha. - April Fools jokes get tiresome, even if clever, when it's your birthday :-(

Actually, I enjoyed running BeOS on a Mac about 10 years ago. Too bad it didn't take off as expected, as it was pretty impressive.
Fortunately, I did a screen save of all the icons and have been using them for my personal installation of Linux. I DID have to create one in the style of BeOS to replace that silly "foot" used in Gnome, but my Linux/Gnome desktop looks sharp, colorful, and definitely NOT standard-issue.

Happy birthday

admin's picture


You're late!

mmu_man's picture

Haiku is the Future!


Anonymous's picture

Holy Crap! Funniest Fool's Day joke ever!

Not so funny

mmu_man's picture

That's not so funny for existing BeOS users (yes there are !).