Best Laptop

What's the favorite LJ reader laptop?

The top three winners are:

  • Lenovo: 32%
  • Dell: 25%
  • System76: 11%

The ThinkPad began life at IBM, but in 2005, it was purchased by Lenovo along with the rest of IBM's PC business. Lenovo evolved the line, and today the company is well known as a geek favorite. Lenovo's ThinkPads are quiet, fast and arguably have one of the best keyboards (fighting words!). Linux Journal readers say Lenovo's Linux support is excellent, leaving many to ponder why the company doesn't ship laptops with Linux installed.

Who to watch for: System76, a small shop out of Denver, Colorado, is a Linux community favorite, coming in a very respectable third place in our poll among some heavyweight vendors. System76 is first and foremost a Linux shop, and as a result, its laptops ship with Linux pre-installed. In fact, according to Wikipedia, "The number 76 in the company name alludes to the year 1776, the year in which the American Revolution took place. The company founders hope likewise to ignite an open source revolution, ultimately leading to a situation in which consumers do not rely primarily on proprietary software."

Here's a graph of the full list (note: the contenders were nominated by LJ readers via Twitter):


Jill Franklin, Executive Editor, Linux Journal