Be A Part of Our 200th Issue!!!

The 200th issue of Linux Journal is just around the corner, and I thought it would be fun if all of you could participate! (No, I'm not just a lazy editor, stop thinking things like that...)

For our 200th issue, we're going to put an article in the front called, "200 Things To Do With Linux", and you get to fill in those 200 things! Just drop your favorite thing to do with Linux in this nifty form, and we'll try to get 'em all in. We'll try to give you credit as well, as long as your name isn't something really long or really offensive.

If we get more than 200, we'll pick our favorites. If we get fewer than 200, I'll have to fill in the rest myself. Either way, we'll have a list of 200 fun things to do with our favorite operating system.

This is a very limited time endeavor. The post is only going to be up for a few days. If you want your idea forever immortalized in the 200th issue of Linux Journal, this is your opportunity. So tell us! What do you like to do with Linux?


Shawn Powers is an Associate Editor for Linux Journal. You might find him chatting on the IRC channel, or Twitter


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I am closing comments so

Webmistress's picture

I am closing comments so everyone will use the nifty form that will make Shawn's life much easier when he is inundated with great ideas.

Katherine Druckman is webmistress at You might find her on Twitter or at the Southwest Drupal Summit

Control embedded systems

mlerley's picture

I once inherited a large control system running on a PC/104 stack. It was running a version of DOS but was rife with issues. I redesigned it to run a stripped-down Slackware distribution and rewrote the control program in C -- no more issues. And so very awesome.

Mike has almost 20 years of experience with Linux and PC's in general. He currently runs his own small IT consulting company.

Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and Linux

siddfinch's picture

What better way to use modern technology then to reseach baseball from when it was called base ball and studying the pitches thrown in all the games.

'Cause we shouldn't just be using computers to do computer related things.

Weather data

xiao_haozi's picture

I use linux to run a server that grabs weather data from cities all over the globe and dumps it in a database. It then parses out interesting data as well as the hourly updates and creates a webpage view on the fly. Everything is done in linux with Python+MySQL+Lighttpd+cron.

Favorite Thing To Do with Linux

Anthony Moore's picture

Build and Deploy video surveillance systems utilizing Zoneminder.

Man, what a lazy editor...

Gumnos's picture

hah, just kidding.

Favorite things to do with Linux:

  • Actually work instead of waiting for reboots every time any application updates (unlike some OTHER operating systems; and updating my system with one click instead of having umpteen updaters running in the background)
  • Make regular use (browsing, mail, remoting into work, etc) of a >9yr old computer. The WinME that came on the box isn't well supported any more ;-)

Favorite Thing To Do with Linux

Anthony Moore's picture

Conduct penetration testing for the security of the organization to which I am employed.

Pay for groceries, beer,

Doug.Roberts's picture

the car, the rent...

My favorite thing to with Linux is make a living doing it! I'm the Linux guru in a Windows shop. Each new Linux project we bring into the company brings greater job security for me. I love it!


Make money as a professional

cbleslie's picture

Make money as a professional web-designer, using open-source software, like Inkscape, Blueprint Themeing Framework and Drupal. All from my Linux distro, It really helps keep the costs down!

Make money as a professional

cbleslie's picture

Make money as a professional web-designer, using open-source software, like Inkscape, Blueprint Themeing Framework and Drupal. All from my Linux distro, It really helps keep the costs down!

Render Video Content

Erin Bournival's picture

I love using mencoder under Linux - it's fast and immensely customizable. With it, I can convert media into the formats my portable devices support.

run an ssh/squid proxy for my

davidwc's picture

run an ssh/squid proxy for my buddy who lives in China and needs help to get around the great firewall

Scare the hell out of our non-geek friends

Rob Hooft's picture

On one hand I like to show people all the cool free software that comes included with the operating system release on Linux that Windblows users need to pay for.... on the other hand I secretly enjoy it when they are scared to death by the fact that I do all of my real work on these black "terminal" windows (of which many modern Windows users do not even know they exist in their pet O/S as well....).

We like to have it with some

Hedda, Anna & Maxim's picture

We like to have it with some funk!

Host your own blog from your

@BaloneyGeek's picture

Host your own blog from your home with a Acer Aspire Revo Nettop (or an equivalent Nettop or even a Netbook), the latest LTS release of Ubuntu Server and an Internet connection. Less power consumption than a CFL and no hosting charges. You do need to register a Domain and register with a Dynamic DNS service provider like DynDNS or ZoneEdit.

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