Back by Popular Demand: Tech Tips in the Magazine

The internet is one thing but you know you've arrived when you see your face on the cover of a tabloid. Although we can't quite offer you that experience, we are bringing back tech-tips in the magazine.

If we choose your tech-tip for publication in the magazine we'll send you a t-shirt (or a calendar) and we'll give you a one year subscription to the Digital Edition of Linux Journal. Even if we don't use your tech-tip in the magazine we still might use it on, and if we do, for that we'll send you a t-shirt or a calendar.

Email your tech-tips to webeditor and let the tech-tipping begin.

Note: not all t-shirts are available in all sizes so t-shirts are subject to availability.



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Thanks for the tips

drockney's picture

Do you have any examples available showing what you consider to be a particularly well-formatted tech tip?

Are you just looking for one-liners, for instance, or well-thought-out columns? Or something in between?

We plan to put them all on

Mitch Frazier's picture

We plan to put them all on one page in the magazine and look to publish between 2 and 5 per month, so figure half to quarter page. Search for tech-tips on the web site and that should give you an idea of what we're looking for, but of course you're always welcome to try and surprise us.

Mitch Frazier is an Associate Editor for Linux Journal.