Android Candy: Google Photos

Google has become the company that we love and can't live without, but at the same time, I think we all worry a little about just how much Google knows about us. With that caveat, it's hard to ignore Google's newest offering: Google Photos.

Using unlimited storage, automatic sorting and face/place/event recognition, Google is taking all the manual work of tagging and hiring googlebots to do the work for us. Is that creepy? Maybe a little. Honestly though, it's hard to scoff at unlimited storage of full-quality photos and videos. Plus, if you're like me, actually finding the time to sort and tag tens of thousands of photos is something you're going to get to "any day now".

If you're not completely freaked out by Google having access to all your personal photos, give it a try today. It's free and seems to be legit. There's an Android app you can download from the Google Play Store, plus an iOS app and a Web application for using on computers. Head over to, and check it out!


Shawn Powers is a Linux Journal Associate Editor. You might find him on IRC, Twitter, or training IT pros at CBT Nuggets.