Company:  Silicon Mechanics URL:  www.siliconmechanics.com Phone:  866-352-1173 Special Offer:  Academic and research discounts available To redeem this special offer visit:  www.siliconmechanics.com Description:  Power of a cluster in a workstation form factor: 2 Intel Xeon 5600 CPUs, 4 NVIDIA Tesla C1060s, 12 DDR3 DIMMs, integrated dual-port GigE adapter, 7 PCIe expansion slots, 8 hot-swap SAS/SATA drives, 80 PLUS Gold Certified redundant power.
Company:  Silicon Mechanics URL:  Hyperform HPCi ROCKS+ Integrated Cluster Phone:  866 352-1173 Special Offer:  Academic and research discounts available To redeem this special offer visit:  http://www.siliconmechanics.com/ Description:  The Hyperform ROCKS+ Integrated cluster is a turnkey cluster certified by Clustercorp Inc. Rackform iServ R346 head node and iServ R4410-IB compute nodes. The turnkey system is also available in a 25U or smaller rack.
Company:  Microway, Inc. URL:  WhisperStation-PSC Phone:  508-746-7341 Description:  Microway's typical WhisperStation-PSC features quiet fans and high-efficiency power supply, sound-proofing, quad-core processors, an NVIDIA GeForce or Quadro Graphics engine, up to four NVIDIA Tesla C1060 Compute Processors and up to 64GB memory.
Company:  Microway, Inc. URL:  Microway FasTree InfiniBand QDR + DDR Phone:  508-746-7341 Description:  Microway's FasTree-X QDR switches leverage Mellanox InfiniScale IV silicon to achieve full 40Gb/sec bandwidth across all ports. HPC applications can achieve 30% more performance while using 50% less power.
Company:  Microway, Inc. URL:  Microway Tesla GPU Cluster Phone:  508-746-7341 Description:  Microway GPU Clusters seamlessly integrate NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. Each node is available with 2 quad-core processors, 2 GPUs, 64GB memory, and QDR InfiniBand for more GFLOPS, fewer watts. Please call to experience Microway's expertise in GPU clustering.
Company:  Microway, Inc. URL:  Microway Fully-Integrated Linux Cluster Phone:  508-746-7341 Description:  Microway's custom-designed Linux clusters incorporate energy-saving processors, power supplies and interconnects. Clusters are fully configured with Linux, compilers and libraries. Please call to experience Microway's expertise in cluster design.
Company:  HPC Systems, Inc. URL:  HiPerStation 1060C Description:  The HiPerStation 1060C is a GPU cluster workstation. Supports up to three (3) nVidia Tesla 1060C GPU processor and dual Intel Xeon processors.
Company:  HPC Systems, Inc. URL:  HiPerStation 80000 Phone:  888-SALE-HPC Description:  A 32-Way HPC workstation ideal for high end graphics and visualization applications. It features the latest AMD Opteron quad-core processors. With support for up to 256GB of memory, 2 x PCIem and 1TB of storage.
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One Click, Universal Protection: Implementing Centralized Security Policies on Linux Systems

As Linux continues to play an ever increasing role in corporate data centers and institutions, ensuring the integrity and protection of these systems must be a priority. With 60% of the world's websites and an increasing share of organization's mission-critical workloads running on Linux, failing to stop malware and other advanced threats on Linux can increasingly impact an organization's reputation and bottom line.

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Linux Backup and Recovery Webinar

Most companies incorporate backup procedures for critical data, which can be restored quickly if a loss occurs. However, fewer companies are prepared for catastrophic system failures, in which they lose all data, the entire operating system, applications, settings, patches and more, reducing their system(s) to “bare metal.” After all, before data can be restored to a system, there must be a system to restore it to.

In this one hour webinar, learn how to enhance your existing backup strategies for better disaster recovery preparedness using Storix System Backup Administrator (SBAdmin), a highly flexible bare-metal recovery solution for UNIX and Linux systems.

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