Write for Us: Specific Topics

The following is a list of upcoming issues, each issue's focus and all copy deadlines. Deadlines indicate when we must have an article in order to publish it in a particular issue. If you are interested in writing for a specific issue, it is suggested that you contact us with a proposal at least one month prior to that issue's copy due deadline.

If you simply can't meet the deadline for a specific issue, we still are interested in these topics. So don't be afraid to send us a proposal or abstract at any time.

Please contact us if you wish to write an article for any of the following issues.

2015 Issue Topics Issue#MonthDeadlines
Security 249 January Nov. 4, 2014
Web Development 250 February Dec. 8, 2014
System Administration 251 March Jan. 5, 2015
HPC 252 April Feb. 2, 2015
Cool Projects 253 May March 9, 2015
Networking 254 June April 6, 2015
Mobile 255 July May 4, 2015
Programming 256 August June 8, 2015
How-Tos 257 September July 7, 2015
Hardware 258 October Aug. 10, 2015
System Administration II 259 November Sept. 8, 2015
Readers' Choice 260 December Oct. 5, 2015

Thank you for your interest and contributions.