New Products

University of Maryland's Parallel Processing Chip, Server Technology's Sentry Modular Cabinet Power Distribution Unit and more.
SourceKibitzer's Bio Service for Java Developers

SourceKibitzer, an established resource for Java developers working in open source, recently added a free Bio Service for enhancing professional opportunities. The Bio Service creates an on-line “resume” that includes 11 objective achievement metrics related to both the developer and software created. These metrics allow developers to market their contributions and real-world skills accurately to the Open Source community. The service also includes the ability to network within a larger community where members learn, interact, collaborate and compare their skills and experiences with one another.

Cepoint's iS900 NAS Storage Time Server

The new kid on the time-server block is Cepoint Networks' iS900 iSCSI NAS storage/time server system with GPS or atomic time synchronization features. Expandable to 24TB, the iS900 is designed to enable synchronized, precise backup timing for organizations with geographically dispersed storage locations that must be backed up at a precise time. In addition to the time-synchronization functions, the iS900 supports RAID levels 0, 1, 10, 5 and 50 and various built-in encrypted remote data transfer features. Other features include continuous data availability, clustering, remote data replication, backup and bare-metal recovery, remote boot over an IP network and more.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.