Multiple Associations with Stream Control Transmission Protocol

The elegant way SCTP handles multiple streams makes it ideal for things like chat clients.

This series of articles has covered the basics of SCTP. There are many options that can control, in fine detail, the behaviour of an SCTP stack. There also is ongoing work in bringing a security model into SCTP, so that, for example, TLS can be run across SCTP. There also is work being done on different language bindings to SCTP, such as a Java language binding. SCTP will not make TCP and UDP disappear overnight, but I hope these articles have shown that it has features that can make writing many applications easier and more robust.

Of course, SCTP is not the only attempt to devise new protocols. For comparisons to other new procotols see “Survey of Transport Protocols other than Standard TCP” at This shows that SCTP stacks up very well against possible alternatives, so you might want to consider it for your next networking project!

Jan Newmarch is Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Monash University. He has been using Linux since kernel 0.98. He has written four books and many papers and given courses on many technical topics, concentrating on network programming for the last six years. His Web site is


Jan Newmarch has written many books and papers about software engineering, network programming, user interfaces and artificial intelligence, and he is currently digging into the IoT.


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help to compile n run

rams's picture

i m currently working in redhat version 5. I read ur article n want to run the program u have provided in SCTP. During run time what r the additional parameter required except ./chat_server.c. Should i reserve the port. Please reply me.

error :: SCTP_SENDALL;

kkk's picture

i am using linux kernel 2.6.25 and as mentation in linux journal that SCTP_SENDALL is not suported by 2.6.21 but still i am getting an error in line

"sinfo.sinfo_flags |= SCTP_SENDALL;"



kaushal's picture

Dear Sir,

I have installed latest 2.6.22 kernels. of sctp but stiil my code is giving error (see below). please help me out

# cc chat_server.c -o chat_server -L /usr/lib -lsctp
chat_server.c: In function ‘main’:
chat_server.c:60: error: ‘SCTP_SENDALL’ undeclared (first use in this function)
chat_server.c:60: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
chat_server.c:60: error: for each function it appears in.)