Interview with Pavel Kanzelsberger, Creator of Pixel

Pavel talks about the history of Pixel and its destiny to be much more than a Photoshop clone.

James Gray is Linux Journal Products Editor and a graduate student in environmental science and management at Michigan State University. A Linux enthusiast since Slack 1.0 in 1993, he currently lives in Lansing, Michigan, with his wife and kitty.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.


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James Gray please contact Pavel

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On Jul 01, 2007 James Gray makes a article about the Pixel Project. Now it's not finished and pavel closed all communication canals as forum etc. So think you as one who journal that was one who brings Pixel in Focus should stop the non communication situation of pavel. He should say the trueth that pixel is a vapoware and will be never finished and pavel should think about a way people bought pixel can get their money back and then pavel can say that he his a strong man. But that will never happen.

Pixel is Abandonware

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I bought a licence for Pixel early on to support the project. As a Ubuntu user there is clearly a need for a 'photoshop' replacement beyond Gimp. Pixel excited so many people as it offered this.

Unfortunately the developer seems to have disappeared. The product has not been updated since the initial beta tbh and although there was talks of a buy-out by a larger company - this is abandonware.

Pity. Especially as so many people paid money to Pavel. I guess he thought that was fair for the work he did - but from our perspective it was to financially support the project to completion. The beta is not working and without a development schedual - why would anyone bother to learn the tool anyway? It's a lesson in paying for beta projects.

It is a crime what this

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It is a crime what this persond did to the custumers!

This project is the worst scam ever!

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Do not buy this product, it will never get released! Every release candidate and beta has been postponed let alone the "final release" which was promised as early as 2006.

Pixel.. imho is a vaporware!

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Bought pixel some months ago while Pavel said, on its website, that "stable version will see the light in the next days". Money taken but pixel is still in beta and perfectly unstable. I see that someone is waiting from years!!!

I don't think that Pavel is a poor programmer but he's alone and the project is bigger than him. He wants that users discover bugs, write dox but users are paying a lot of money for a thing that is unstable. I don't think this is correct.

Personally i think that pixel is vaporware, i warn you about buying it.

Pixel and Linux : problems and no license

Ludo Lenière's picture

After having a rather negative experience with the support (i.e. Pavel Kanzelsberger himself) of Pixel, I want to warn Linux users.
I bought the plain version in the month of July. To obtain a license you have to login on Kanzelsberger's site. I was unable to login and register the program on a Linux system (SuSE 10.2) using all browsers provided with this distribution. Using Internet Explorer on a Windows system was no problem at all.
I did e-mail to P. Kanzelsberger(as requested) a file of my Linux system . He in return was going to send me my license file. Never got the license and all further e-mails to him remain unanswered.

I'm not sure what he might

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I'm not sure what he might be talking about when he says he "might push for wine support for the linux version" - Is pixel going to be available in a linux version? If so, what would we care about wine?


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With Wine he meant supporting Photoshop plug-ins (from Windows) on Linux...