Deep Images

GIMP's shallow history and two alternatives that aren't as gimped as GIMP.

Although GIMP is useful, it's showing its age, and the time is coming soon when it either will adapt or be shuffled to the wayside by more capable tools. For the photographer working in Linux, as well as for the high-depth CGI artist, both Krita and CinePaint are welcome tools. Each is strong where the other is weak. As both programs continue to develop, we can expect great things from them—they have both proven themselves to be well-designed packages with deliberate and capable teams behind them. The odd mix of Darwinian competition and cooperation has given us a new generation of these tools, and they're ready to be used. Enjoy!

Dan Sawyer is the founder of ArtisticWhispers Productions (, a small audio/video studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been an enthusiastic advocate for free and open-source software since the late 1990s, when he founded the Blenderwars filmmaking community ( Current projects include the independent SF feature Hunting Kestral and The Sophia Project, a fine-art photography book centering on strong women in myth.



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qpfstmo is junk

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qpfstmo is junk. Very clunky gui at best.

I recommend qtpfsgui. It is a much nicer gui and more intuitive interface to pfstools and tonemapping. Threaded too, so it works on dual core machines nicely.

I agree. GIMP is dead for

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I agree. GIMP is dead for the reasons listed above. Hopefully, Krita will have a longer lasting architecture and that the Koffice 2 series will bring the rest of the suite up to a quality standard after the lack of development early on.

GIMP devs are working on the

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GIMP devs are working on the problems listed in this article, I don't think GIMP should be written off that quick. :)

As the Gimp is Cross platform it stays for now

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One of the great advantages of GIMP is that it is cross platform. If kde apps were easier to use on windows and macosx
too that would be great. I would love to use more of koffice but I have to support one that one platform.

So for me I am stuck with the GIMP and Openoffice :-(

Krita (KDE4 in general) works on Windows as well.

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FYI, all major KDE4 components work on Windows now. Check .