Linux for Suits - DIY Internet Infrastructure

An open-source angle on muni-Net infrastructure build-out.

Doc Searls is the Editor in Chief of Linux Journal


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cant help

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i cant help thinking but linux i believe is one of the best OS out there and its free too.

New Solid Subfoundation for the Network Stack


Proper division of responsibilities for different layers of the network is absolutely essential to make this work. Municipal and county governments and community organization are most needed, best suited, and at this point most sorely missed, for implementation and management of the lowest layer of the network: right-of-way, poles, trenching, and conduit. At this time in the evolution of networking, all the higher layers of the network, from fiber and copper on up, are essentially consumer-grade technology available to all, and spontaneously self-organizing among all, from that dinosaur duopoly down to enterprising schoolchildren, who would contract with aforesaid public authority or community organization for underground and/or overhead conduit space. On that basis we can keep the devil out of the details, turn the flank in the battle of the last mile, and revive the very real promise of the dot-com boom-not-bubble.