AcidRip—a Gtk2 Front End to MEncoder

How to use AcidRip to make DVD backups.

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Daniel Bartholomew has been using computers since the early 1980s when his parents purchased an Apple IIe. After stints on Mac and Windows machines, he discovered Linux in 1996 and has been using various distributions ever since. He lives with his wife and children in North Carolina.



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PAL resolution is 720x576

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PAL resolution is 720x576 for digital video

I find with my XP 2500 that

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I find with my XP 2500 that anything other than the most basic backup with mencoder IE cropping optimizing etc. can take 6 hours or more per DVD. A GUI will not help this.

burning dvd's on xp

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It does not take any where near 6hrs. to burn a dvd on windows XP. Roxio 7.5 whish is the better version of Roxio and slysoft any dvd.which runs in the back ground takes little time to copy a dvd. But like many I am looking for a good program to copy dvds on my linux. (Linux Mint) It comes with acidrip which I'm learning to use now. Takes much longer than Roxio on XP, but I'm happy with it.

6 hrs??

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On my 5 year old P4 I find it takes around 2-4hrs to do a high quality pass, depending greatly on the length. Also, the author doesn't claim that the GUI improves the underlying programs in any way, he merely suggests that it makes them easier for the novice user.