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We here at Linux Journal believe in empowerment, and giving people the tools to the job themselves, so we are proud to present the LJ Archives.

We get a lot of e-mail that begins “I am looking for that article, you know the one, about froodling the dewhacker?” We here at Linux Journal believe in empowerment, and giving people the tools to the job themselves, so we are proud to present the LJ Archives. You will find below a listing of the articles that we have published, and information on where to find them. Some are available on our Web site, and we have provided the URL for you. Others are not yet electronic, and if you can't wait, the issue number is listed so that you can order back issues. There is also a new feature on the Web site, an interactive search page for articles in Linux Journal. (

  • Comparison of Linux, DOS/Win and OS/2 Issue: 1 Page: 1 Author: Bernie Thompson

  • Linux Code Freeze Issue: 1 Page: 1 Author: Linus Torvalds

  • Interview With Linus Issue: 1 Page: 4 Author: Robert Young

  • Formation of the XFree86 Project, Inc. Issue: 2 Page: 1 Author: LJ Staff

  • Interview With Patrick Volkerding Issue: 2 Page: 10 Author: Phil Hughes

  • Optimizing Linux Disk Usage Issue: 2 Page: 1 Author: Jeff Tranter

  • World Wide Web Issue: 3 Page: 9 Author: Bernie Thompson

  • Optimizing Memory Usage Issue: 3 Page: 11 Author: Jeff Tranter

  • Sendmail+IDA Issue: 3 Page: 30 Author: Vince Skahan

  • Interview with Fred Van Kempen Issue: 3 Page: 16 Author: Phil Hughes

  • EZ as a Word Processor Issue: 4 Page: 5 Author: Terry Gliedt

  • Disaster Recovery Issue: 4 Page: 10 Author: Mark Komarinski

  • Wine Issue: 4Page: 14 Author: Bob Amstadt

  • Eagles BBS Issue: 4 Page: 16 Author: Ray Rocker

  • Linux Does Comics Issue: 4 Page: 26 Author: Robert Suckling

  • Emacs, Friend or Foe? Issue: 5 Page: 9 Author: Matt Welsh

  • Interview With James MacLean Issue: 5 Page: 15 Author: Michael K. Johnson

  • EZ for the Programmer Issue: 5 Page: 5 Author: Terry Gliedt

  • Linux in the Trenches Issue: 5 Page: 21 Author: G. Wettstein

  • Messages, A Multi-Media Mailer Issue: 6 Page: 7 Author: Terry Gliedt

  • Mobile Computing with Linux Issue: 6 Page: 17 Author: Mark Fiuczynski

  • Learning C++ With Linux Issue: 6 Page: 24 Author: Jeff Tranter

  • The Joy (and Agony) of SLIP Issue: 6 Page: 30 Author: Warren Baird

  • Tutorial, Emacs for Programmers Issue: 6 Page: 39 Author: Matt Welsh

  • Making the Most of Andrew Issue: 7 Page: 7 Author: Terry Gliedt

  • Report from the Front: Linux in Antarctica Issue: 7 Page: 11 Author: Andrew Tridgell

  • Samba: Unix Talking With PCs Issue: 7 Page: 22 Author: Andrew Tridgell

  • Linux Performance Tuning Issue: 7 Page: 26 Author: Clarence Smith

  • Introducing Modula-3 Issue: 8 Page: 9 Author: Geoff Wyant

  • X Window System Programming with Tcl and Tk Issue: 8 Page: 24 Author: Matt Welsh

  • Linux Command Line Parameters Issue: 8 Page: 35 Author: Jeff Tranter

  • What is a Linux? Issue: 8 Page: 59 Author: LJ Staff

  • Linus Torvalds in Sydney Issue: 8 Page: 60 Author: Jamie Honan

  • A Conversation with Linus Torvalds Issue: 9 Page: 8 Author: Belinda Frazier

  • Connecting Your Linux Box to the Internet Issue: 9 Page: 18 Author: Russell Ochocki

  • Linux in the Real World: Redesigning SCADA at Virginia Power Issue: 9 Page: 23 Author: Vance Petree

  • Remote Network Commands Issue: 9 Page: 33 Author: Jens Hartmann

  • A Conversation with Olaf Kirch Issue: 10 Page: 13 Author: LJ Staff

  • Linux in the Real World: SCADA-Linux Still Hard at Work Issue: 10 Page: 14 Author: Vince Petree

  • Linux Conference at Open Systems World FedUNIX'94 Issue: 10 Page: 20 Author: Belinda Frazier

  • Using Tcl and Tk From Your C Programs Issue: 10 Page: 26 Author: Matt Welsh

  • Linux in Amsterdam Issue: 10 Page: 6 Author: Michael K. Johnson

  • The Humble Beginnings of Linux Issue: 11 Page: 11 Author: Randolph Bentson

  • Introducing Scheme Issue: 11 Page: 23 Author: Robert Sanders

  • Introduction to LINCKS Issue: 11 Page: 26 Author: Martin Sjolin

  • Review of Scilab Issue: 11 Page: 40 Author: Robert Dalrymple

  • Building Shared Libraries Issue: 12 Page: 9 Author: Eric Kasten

  • Ethernetting Linux Issue: 12 Page: 12 Author: Terry Dawson

  • Linux- It's Not Just For Intel Anymore Issue: 12 Page: 20 Author: Joseph Brothers

  • Leviathan Issue: 12 Page: 28 Author: Paul Sittler

  • The Pari Package on Linux Issue: 13 Page: 5 PeterAuthor: Klaus-N/A Nischke

  • Access Information Through World Wide Web: Installing CERN's WWW Server Issue: 13 Page: 9 Author: Eric Kasten

  • Majordomo Issue: 13 Page: 13 Author: Piers Cawley

  • Interview with Mark Bolzern Issue: 14 Page: 19 Author: LJ Staff

  • Review: xBase Products for Linux Issue: 14 Page: 22 Author: Robert Broughton

  • Introduction to Eiffel Issue: 14 Page: 34 Author: Dan Wilder

  • Review: Intelligent Multiport Serial Boards Issue: 14 Page: 46 Author: Greg Hankins

  • The LINCKS GPD Issue: 15 Page: 17 Author: Martin Sjolin

  • Setting up X11 Issue: 15 Page: 24 Author: Greg Lehey

  • HTML: A Gentle Introduction Issue: 15 Page: 35 Author: Eric Kasten

  • xfm 1.3: A File and Applications Manager Issue: 15 Page: 50 Author: Robert Dalrymple

  • Linux Goes To Sea Issue: 16 Page: 19 Author: Randolph Bentson

  • Efficient, User-Friendly Seismology Issue: 16 Page: 25 Author: Sid Hellman

  • HTML Forms: Interacting with the Net Issue: 16 Page: 34 Author: Eric Kasten

  • Introduction to Lisp-Stat Issue: 16 Page: 44 Author: Narasimhan Balasubramanian

  • Writing A Mouse Sensitive Application Issue: 17 Page: 14 Author: Alessandro Rubini

  • Porting DOS Applications to Linux Issue: 17 Page: 28 Author: Alan Cox

  • ncurses: Portable Screen Handling for Linux Issue: 17 Page: 43 Author: Eric Raymond

  • Writing man Pages Using groff Issue: 18 Page: 18 Author: Matt Welsh

  • LaTex for the Slightly Timid Issue: 18 Page: 34 Author: Kim Johnson

  • Using grep Issue: 18 Page: 42 Author: Eric Goedelbacker

  • Flexible Formatting with Linuxdoc-SGML Issue: 18 Page: 51 Author: Christian Schwarz

  • Getting the Most Out Of X Resources Issue: 19 Page: 30 Author: Preston Brown

  • Optimizing the Linux User Interface Issue: 19 Page: 47 Author: Jeff Arnholt

  • LesTif and the Hungry ViewKit Issue: 19 Page: 56 Author: Malcolm Murphy


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