Getting Started with Qtopia

From the horse's mouth (Trolltech) come instructions on how to get started writing applications for Qtopia.

So, now that we have a reasonably working program, we need to cross-compile this for the Archos device. We have to change the project settings to find the proper libraries.

We are now ready to cross-compile, so clean the project by selecting Build→Clean Project from the menu.

You need to change the Make Options, using the Project Options→Make Options dialog:

Name: QTDIR Value: /opt/Qtopia/arm
Name: QPEDIR Value: /opt/Qtopia/arm
Name PATH Value: /usr/local/arm/bin:/opt/Qtopia/tmake/bin:$PATH
Name TMAKEPATH Value:/opt/Qtopia/tmake/lib/qws/linux-arm-g++

Delete the Makefile, and run the following command from the command line to create the Makefile for compiling using the arm-linux compiler:

# export TMAKEPATH=/opt/Qtopia/tmake/lib/qws/linux-arm-g++
# tmake -o Makefile

Press F8 to build the project. You can now take the resulting binary, transfer it to the Archos device using USB, and run it from there!

If you want to create an installable package, Qtopia uses the Itsy Package Management (ipkg) available from, to install things using the Software Packages application. More information about ipkg and Qtopia development are available from Trolltech's Web site.

Lorn Potter works for Trolltech as the Qtopia Community Manager. He is an American who lives in sunny Brisbane, Australia, with his Australian wife and son. He is a self-taught open-source programmer who is a core developer for the Opie (Open Palmtop Integrated Environment) Project. He also has worked as a musician, sound engineer and snow ski bum.



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How to install Qtopia core for arm?

Anonymous's picture

I'd be grateful if you could tell me step by step how to install Qtopia for arm. Whether there are any compatible (more importantly incompatible) toolchains for Qtopia core to work. I tried to compile Qtopia core 4.2.2 for arm by giving ./configure -embedded arm, and the make failed. I am using the toolchain with binutils 2.17 and gcc 4.1.1. My native gcc has version 4.0.0
Qtopia core has compiled successfully for my i.386 machine.

Qtopia application deployment

Sakthi's picture

The article is wonderful and it covers the things for beginners...

But we need some more guidelines on 'Deployment of advanced
Qtopia application on target board' because any small application
could be deployed to the target board without any problem..

So we need some more guidelines about the deployment of application
that uses pim library ...developed using Qtopia 1.7 sdk but the
target has qtopia 1.5 ( does not have any pim libraries )