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Kconfigure source rpm build errors

eager's picture

There were some problems building kconfigure from the source rpm.

1) Spec file in SRPM uses %setup -n %{name}-%{version} while the tar file doesn't have a version number. Fix is to remove "-%{version}".

2) Spec file cd's to $HOME just before building the file list. That should be "cd %{buildroot}

3) The spec file references %{distversion} which is probably not set in .rpmrc.

My guess is that the SRPM is not the one used to build the distribution RPM.

Michael Eager, Consultant, Embedded Systems, Compilers, Debuggers

Dead link?

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Marcel's link for checkinstall didn't work for me, but google turned up this one:

Keep up the great detective work locating all these timesavers for me ;)