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windows stuff

Torbjörn Jansson's picture

i don't know exactly what this article is about, but i suspect it have something to do with converting mythtv files to other formats.

i just wanted to let you know that there is a way to play nupplevideo type files on windows and also convert them to avi if you want.
it can be downloaded from

included in the installer is a few shell extensions (tooltip & extra columns in explorer details view) and a conversion tool that you can access by right clicking on any nuv file, asuming it's a nupplevideo type file and not mpeg2, and select "Convert to avi..."

the conversion is not doing any kind of recompression of audio and video, it just changes the container format from nupplevideo to avi.

correction to the article

Chris Petersen's picture

nuvexport does not use mplayer for conversion (though there is a little-known --mencoder option to export using mencoder), it uses the -identify option to get information about mpeg-based video files because programs like tcprobe tend to freak out on transport streams recorded from DVB cards.

Oh, and fyi, as the author of nuvexport, I really would like to have been notified about an article being published about my program (for one, the author could have contacted me directly to avoid misinformation like the above). Not to mention that it would have been nice to receive a complimentary copy of the issue.

I agree

Sammy's picture

I agree Chris should have been contacted. He's pretty easy to get a hold of. I emailed him about nuvexport in the past and he was very responsive.