Resources for “Single Sign-on and the Corporate Directory, Part I”

Resources for the print article.

Configuration Files for this Article:

“Centralized Authentication with Kerberos 5, Part I” by Alf Wachs mann, LJ, February 2005: /article/7336.

“OpenLDAP Everywhere” by Craig Swanson and Matt Lung, LJ, December 2002: /article/6266.

Network Security with OpenSSL by John Viega, Matt Messier, Pravir Chandra, O'Reilly, ISBN: 0-596-00270-X


Kerberos: The Definitive Guide by Jason Garman, O'Reilly, ISBN: 0-596-00403-6


cyrus IMAP:



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LDAP and Kerberos site

Jason Heiss's picture

It looks like the author got some of his config files from my site. It might be a useful reference for others.