Resources for “Hack the Net? No, NetHack.”

Resources for the print article.


Falcon's Eye:


NetHack Linux:

Play NetHack Song:


Which NetHack Monster Are You?:

Marcel's Web site (check out the wine page):



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Falcon's Eye and Ubuntu

Master_Shake's picture

Falcon's Eye seems to lock in Ubuntu. And its not just the copy in the repositories either, but also the one downloaded from the Falcon's Eye website.

Falcon's Eye is dead.

Clive Crous's picture

The falcon's eye project has been dead for many years already.

rather try: Vulture's Eye ( ). It forked the falcon's source and has more than doubled the graphic support already, uses the latest version of nethack, fixed many many bugs and has an ongoing open collaboration in it's development.

also Vulture's adds : Vulture's Claw, so you can play Slash'EM with this interface aswell.

It seems to me the author of this article did not research his topic well at all.