Resources for “Controlling a Pinball Machine Using Linux”

Resources for the print article.

Bally Manufacturing Corporation (1980), US Patent No. 4,198,051:

Boondog Automation (1998), 8255 IBM PPI PC Interface Card:

Bork, John R. (2005), Reverse Engineering a Microcomputer-based Control Unit:

Jameco Electronics:

Pinball Machine Reverse-Engineering Kit:

Saikkonen, Riku (2000), Linux I/O port Programming mini-HOWTO:

Salzman, Peter Jay (2004), The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide:



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Image problem with Mozilla Firefox

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Hello there!
The images for one of the referenced sites do not load. That's the one describing the i8255 card.

I keep time in a TARDIS. What is that thing on your wrist doing?

There is a typo in the last l

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There is a typo in the last link. It should be: