2005 Linux Journal Readers' Choice Awards

Some of your old favorites dropped off the Readers' Choice results this year. Has the Linux scene changed for good?
Favorite Instant Messaging Client
  1. Gaim

  2. Kopete

Gaim integrates with both GNOME and KDE, thereby setting a desktop application paradigm for the future—an application that plays standards, not desktop wars. Besides that, the selection of smiley-face icons is great for adding a touch of sarcasm with a well-placed smiley-face wearing a halo or shedding a tear.

Favorite Linux Book
  1. Running Linux, 4th Edition

  2. Gentoo Handbook

  3. A Quarter Century of UNIX

Here's a fun project for a cold fall evening: compare the table of contents in the first edition of Running Linux to the one in the fourth edition, and see how much more you can do now and how much less time you need to spend tweaking low-level stuff. Much space in the first edition, for example, was used to explain things such as kermit and elm—it even brought up troff (shudder). The fourth edition, however, talks about KDE and GNOME, not to mention the final section on Web development with LAMP.

Favorite Linux Game
  1. Frozen Bubble

  2. Unreal Tournament 2004

We know it's not your fault that you keep playing Frozen Bubble. We can't stand the pitiful little noise the penguin makes when we lose either.

You guys are suckers for cute animation.

Favorite Linux Training
  1. IBM

  2. lintraining.com

  3. Novell CLP

Yes, we know training is important and the horrors of what can happen when a poorly trained sysadmin is set loose in a server room. But we don't know why IBM won; in the ads, that kid who looks like Eminem's little brother seems pretty bored. Maybe a Mick Bauer live security intrusion demo would hold his attention a little better.

Favorite Linux Web Site
  1. Slashdot.org

  2. Distrowatch.com

  3. LinuxJournal.com

  4. LWN.net

Readers always will have a special place in their hearts for a Web site that, on one page worth of headlines, offers updates on PSP 2.0, marketing strategies for Firefly (Joss Whedon's canceled TV show that made it to the big screen), Google's new IM client and house-sitting robots in Japan.

Favorite LJ Column
  1. Cooking with Linux by Marcel Gagné

  2. Paranoid Penguin by Mick Bauer

  3. At the Forge by Reuven Lerner

Oh, François, the readers, they love you still. Un affair de coeur, c'est tr� beau, non? 2005 was pretty significant for the second- and third-place finishers, as regular Paranoid Penguin columnist Mick Bauer turned it over to a rotating author list and Reuven Lerner celebrated his 100th At the Forge.

Favorite Media Player
  1. MPlayer

  2. Xine

  3. Kaffeine

We know our US readers aren't actually running MPlayer because of the software patent situation, but it's nice to see what people in countries with more sensible patent systems can do.

For our readers living outside the US, MPlayer really does run on anything—even your Zaurus.

Favorite Network or Server Appliance
  1. Astaro Security Gateway

  2. Cyclades AlterPath ACS

  3. thinklogical Sentinel32

Besides the fact that Astaro works well, our readers appreciate that the Astaro box isn't just a “firewall” in the ordinary packet-filtering sense. It also comes with antispam, antivirus, intrusion detection and a Web proxy—features that would be expensive add-ons for other firewalls.



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Ubuntu and Debian help each

Balance's picture

Ubuntu and Debian help each other. Ubuntu is more polished than Debian and has a much smaller package set. Debian (unstable) gets packages updated more frequently and has a lot more to choose from.

Regardless of the distribution, this will likely improve support for all Distributions.

I'm agree

marissa's picture

I didn't vote, but I'm agree.

PHP is my favourite programming language ;-)

Agree with you, PHP rocks.

Cell Phone Reviews's picture

Agree with you, PHP rocks.

Programming language.

Dmitry I.'s picture

PHP is the best! But C++ is not too bad...

The same here. Especially

biżuteria's picture

The same here. Especially newest version.


Mohamed Ibrahim's picture

1&1 are providing excellent package compared to what I'm getting from bluehost.com. I wonder about their uptime / reliability.

Not for the large providers

Branchenbuch's picture

I usually don't like the large web hosters - you are just a number for them, as a small customer we usually all are. If you go to a smaller hoster they might have much more time for you.


Poprocks's picture

XMMS is old and unmaintained, I'm surprised it still was able to garner enough support to take the top spot. I would have thought amaroK would have taken the top spot, with Rhythmbox or Beep Media Player second.

Sure, XMMS2 is in the works, but the 1.2.x series uses GTK1... does anyone even keep GTK1 installed anymore?


Ian's picture

Amarok is heavy going for a system, except if you have a 2GHz+ machine. XMMS runs fine even on an old Pentium 200, but Amarok on that same system kills it. XMMS is a good, simple media player with lots of possibilities to extend it, and it works very well, which is why it has maintained its #1 place.

Postgres? It usually takes

Anonymous's picture

Postgres? It usually takes half of my CPU power - doing nothing. I prefer MySQL, its much thinner.

I would hope SQLite makes

Anonymous's picture

I would hope SQLite makes the top list in 2007!

xmms is clearly the best

Anonymous's picture

I've used xmms for three years now, clearly teh best audio player IMHO...


Replic's picture

yeah, really interesting review. Good choice and good sense)