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Project Utopia

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If Linux programmers could get in front of some of the chips that run the hardware such as scanner, etc. maybe we could get more hardware to work out of the box. You would think small companies or low cost companies would love having code partially completed for them. If this code was partially set to link into both Linux and Windows from the start then it would be easier for Linux coder to complete the Linux drivers. Better yet, if someone could get everyone to agree on some limited standard for a portion of hardware drivers that make it easy for any OS to utilize them with limited adjustments.

Someone need to make available a free program that works under Windows or Linux to the hotel industry. We are being locked out of WIFI when traveling due to a front end program that let you sign in from Windows only (sometimes from Apple). It's just a program to make sure you pay to use their WIFI system. Checks for hotel password, your name and your room number. If you use Linux you are out of luck. A good program needs to be given away to the hotel industry that allows any OS to log in to their WIFI systems.

How to implement?

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I read the article in the physical magazine. Q. How is this Utopia actually used? Is it implemented by simply using kernel 2.6.x with HAL, D-Bus, GNOME, etc? Or do you need to tie it all together somehow, say via loading a kernel module, or some sort of daemon?
Also, is it restricted to GNOME, or can KDE users take advantage of this?
PS, I see no sign-in link anywhere on this page. What's up with that?