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Wireless connectivity in FC4 with wlassistant and ndiswrapper

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I had ndiswrapper working in FC3 under eth0, then I upgraded to FC4 2.6.11-1 1369 and all my interface for the card no longer worked. I am using Netgear WG311T PCI 108MB SuperG Atheros Chip. I uninstalled the ndiswrapper and drivers, but KWifiManager keeps coming up in the startup, and I forgot about the stack 16 problem. I saw this article and want to know if this will work with the config if stk16 kernal is loaded. I have already done the stk16.

source does not compile

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Bonjour Marcel

Enjoyed your article but 0.5.2d does not compile. Tried earlier versions and had to go to 0.3.9 to have it compile. Maybe someone can take a look at the cvs tree.

Compilation on FC4

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What release are you on? I was able to compile netgo on Fedora Core 4 without incident once I installed qt-devel and opened a new shell window (to pick up the Qt environment variables).


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i downloded and ran netgo latest version on my Fedora 3. no problems what so ever. So thank you Marcell.
The only problem i have is analyzing this french stuff u are using.
Man... give me a break. Use English. English is not my native tounge.
So the French is not making it easier.
Long Live the pengiun.


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hi all,

SUSE 9.3 will be the victim for this software. We have wifi working (natively of course, you shouldn't be using ndiswrappers) and will report if 9.3 is ok for this. If not, we'll report the fixes here.

Regarding the french language... I know Marcel's background and do understand some of his stuff there but I also find it irritating to have this kind of pieces in between. On the other hand, We shouldn't condemn him -- it's all about free speech.... (and beer ;-)

RE: French

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I like the french. Makes it more interesting. :)