OOo Off the Wall: Fielding Questions, Part 3

How to use fields for editing and content management.

The fields on the Functions tab do have several shortcomings. For one thing, the input fields for variable content seem to assume that only brief entries will be made. If, for example, you put two long paragraphs into the Else and Then fields for Conditional Text, you can have trouble editing them. In addition, although the Fields window includes arrow buttons for moving sequentially between fields of the same type, tracking down fields to edit them still is a slow and unwieldy task. Moreover, it is only with version 2.0 that the on-line help has reached the stage where beginners have any hope of understanding how to use fields without investing a lot of time in experimenting. However, once you understand the Functions tab fields, you'll find them small but handy additions to your toolbox.

Note: In "OOo Off the Wall: Fielding Questions, Part 2", I mentioned the inadequacies of Writer's cross-reference tools. What I forgot to mention is two macros are available to provide remedies: Ian Laurenson's ReferenceManager and OutlineCross-Referencer. If cross-references are important in your writing, you'll want to look at both of them.


-- Bruce Byfield (nanday)


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Conditional text

dominic's picture

Wouldn't it be very useful to be able to refer to a "bookmark reference" in the condition statement?

I have bookmarked some data in the cell of a table which is DDE linked to a database. I would like to test the value of the bookmarked data in a conditional text field.

I guess the workaround is to use OpenOffice Basic; any ideas?


David Kwok's picture

It would be nice if some examples are given in the articles. I have spent time to research on how to set up the condition. It is not a lot of examples out there. It may be that it is just not clear how to do it. An example for not showing a field is Not(Name) where Name is a field in the document. If the field is empty it will not show as a blank.

There must be other examples of setting conditions but I don't know how.

Could some one come up more examples?

David Kwok

True or False

Anonymous's picture

Yes, some more examples would be nice. I really can't see the point of conditional text if the only thing you can enter is True or False.
I must be getting this wrong.

Conditional Text

jperser's picture

For some reason it seems that the conditional text was dumbed down in the 2.0 beta. Maybe it's just me though.

OOo Off the Wall Listing Page

Anonymous Bosch's picture

I really appreciate these 'OOo Off the Wall' articles. The only thing that would make them a more useful resource would be a 'home page' for the series with a hyperlinked list to each of the pieces.

Many thanks.