Linux in Government: How Security Exploits Threaten Government Infrastructures

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Follow up from our ISP

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It is disappointing they do not police their home subscribers, but at the same time, it is hardly a surprise. You will find a list of blocks attached that belong to them in the event you wish to filter traffic from them in a different fashion.

If this occurs again, open a ticket with a summary along the lines of, "Abuse from PacBell IP <x>", attach text logs to the ticket, and we will report the issue to them immediately and see what response we garner. If it is not favorable, I have some other options for contacting someone with PacBell that will be more responsive.

I am closing this ticket, but again, please open another if the abuse continues.

Latest response from PacBell

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If you have followed this article, you might enjoy this latest piece.

PacBell wrote me:


"This is to acknowledge receipt of your complaint. All complaints
received are investigated. However, individual responses to these
complaints are not always possible due to the volume received.

"Please be assured we will investigate this issue and take appropriate

"Please do not hesitate to write again if you have any questions or if
you wish to report instances of abuse by SBC Internet customers.

"Thank you,

"The SBC Internet Abuse Security Department"

I responded to them and received this immediately:

"User's mailbox is full:
Unable to deliver mail."

oh... PacBell cares now

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It's funny that PacBell all of a sudden seems to care a little more about this problem...
- Ben

SBC response

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I am constantly reporting abuse through e-mail to SBC. I like to add a 'CC' to But recently, SBC's email server tends to refuse relays to the email server. Suprising, huh?