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A Guide To LaTeX, Third Edition, Addison-Wesley



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can't find latex.fmt

andrew's picture

The artical is extremely useful. However when i am trying to do it on my linux apache server. i get the following error:
I can't find the format file `latex.fmt'!
I can use
latex --interaction=nonstopmode my.tex
under root, and other users. it is perfectly ok. but not with apache + php?
could anyone please help me out.
I have also set the .../www/html/tmp mod to 777 (just for testing) but no luck.

Hi I had the same problem as

Anonymous's picture


I had the same problem as you. Try to copy latex.fmt from source directory to directory where apache is currently working. You will see :-)

LaTeX Equations and Graphics in PHP, source code

Hugo Coolens's picture

Is it possible to get the code fragments which appeared in the article?
I really would like to test it but I don't like to type in all the code.


Better Bounding Box

Arch Stanton's picture

Instead of playing around with invisible elements in latex to compensate for dvips's unfriendly treatment of graphics when using the -E flag, you can let convert trim the graphic for you. Simply remove the E option from the dvips command line, then use:

convert -trim -density 120 -bordercolor white -border 5x5 my.png

The bordercolor and border arguments can be omitted if you'd rather not have any padding built into the graphic.