Resources for “Introducing Ardour”



LADSPA:, (Steve Harris's collection) and (a collection from Tom Szilagyi)



Quick Toots Series:

Audio-optimized Linux distributions and packages:

AGNULA (Debian):

Planet CCRMA (Red Hat/Fedora):

AudioSlack (SlackWare):

Thac's RPMs (Mandrake):

SuSE (not necessarily audio-optimized, but has good out-of-box audio support):

Listen to the original song recorded for this article on the author's site at:


Similis sum folio de quo ludunt venti.


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MAudio Delta 66 has how many inputs?

Aaron Cummings's picture

This article says at the top of page 65 that the Delta 66 has 6 stereo inputs for a "possible total of 12 input channels".

Doesn't this card have four mono analog inputs, and one S/PIDF input for two digital in channels?

Delta 66/44

BIll's picture

I wonder myself. Based on the authors description of the breakout box having 4 STEREO ports and 2 SPDIF ports, I rushoued out and purchased a delta 44. As far as I can tell, it has 4 mono ins and outs. Alsa playback channel 1 plays on port 1 and plaback 2 plays on port 2 (also in the left ear if headphones are hooked up.)

SuSE Audio LiveCD

jmsjnsn's picture

SuSE has posted a customized LiveCD based on 9.2 with Audio in mind. You can find it here:

Or on one of the mirrors:

Here's to hoping they will release it as an installable distro at some point...

Dont forget http://www.dynebo

Anonymous's picture