Further Notes on Recording "Talkin bout the Weather"

A look behind the recording session that produced the original song for the March issue's "Introducing Ardour" article.
Doing It Differently

If I was doing this over, I'd probably use Ardour's automation a lot more, and I'd check out some other LADSPA plugins. The drum parts can use some attention, and I probably could loosen up that dom7 riff a bit. A harmony vocal might be nice, and at least one listener thought it would be a good idea to bring in the harp earlier in the song. Well, my tracks all are in my Ardour session, and someday I'll try these ideas and suggestions, but right now I've got a new song that's bursting to be recorded into Ardour. Gotta run, the session can't start without me.

Dave Phillips is a musician, teacher and writer living in Findlay, Ohio. He has been an active member of the Linux Audio community since his first contact with Linux in 1995. He is the author of The Book of Linux Music & Sound, as well as numerous articles in Linux Journal.


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