Interview with Richard Thieme

Discussing technology, the human experience, homeland security and the future with the author of Islands in the Clickstream.


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Richard is indeed a solid speaker with deep insight into many areas of life, technology, and the large, fuzzy area where they overlap.

Comments thus far are links spamming for pr0n and one person who complains about "namechecking" Joyce, who probably hasn't ever read a book that didn't contain pictu^H^H^H^H^Hillustrations. For anyone not familiar with Thieme, go to his site, read his writings, decide for yourself. Don't be put off by a few cretins who belong trolling on slashdot.


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This guy is a ferocious pretender. He can't even say "Yes" without namechecking James Joyce. Please don't waste our time with such fluff-filled articles.