Product of the Day: SuperComputing 2004 Product Spotlight - Scalable Rocks Cluster Tool Kit

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Product: Scalable Rocks Cluster Tool Kit

Manufacturer: Scalable Systems Pte Ltd

Address: 7 Bedok South Road South, Singapore 469272

Telephone: +65-6827-8888

Make Beowulf Clusters Child's Play with Scalable Rocks

The Rocks project was started at the San Diego Supercomputing Center in early 2000, with the goal of "making clusters easy". Rocks is a user-friendly software package that gives the user of a cluster computer the ability to quickly and easily build the system software suite, install new software on the processors, and manage the system configuration.

Rocks provides a Linux cluster environment that enables users to start, monitor, and control processes on cluster nodes from the cluster's front-end computer while supporting standard Linux interfaces and tools. Rocks researchers and their collaborators recently released version 3.3.0 of the Rocks Clustering Distribution ( Rocks supports all commodity processors: x86, Opteron, Itanium, and now EM64T Xeon.

Today, the Rocks user base includes five Top500 computers, and several hundred clusters around the globe. The Rocks Register, a web page where Rocks users voluntarily register their deployed cluster, shows that Rocks powers an aggregate of nearly 70 TFlops of peak computing.

The Rocks Cluster Tool kit from Scalable Systems is a commercially supported version of the Award winning Rocks tool kit. Scalable Systems is a cofounder (since 2001) of the Rocks tool kit as they have contributed parallel virtual filesystems, grid engine, various drivers, and mathematical libraries integration.

The Rocks Cluster Tool kit from Scalable Systems is a complete cluster operating system for HPC or Beowulf clusters. It helps reduce the cost and effort for deploying and managing a cluster from a web browser.

Based on open-source NPACI Rocks cluster toolkit and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Scalable Rocks cluster toolkit adds a comprehensive web-based cluster management console, offering an easy, scalable, and comprehensive Beowulf cluster solution for enterprises seeking the price-performance advantages of Beowulf clusters and also the ease of a graphical management environment as well as a commercially supported Linux OS platform.

The tool kit includes:

  • Embedded Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Web-based cluster management facility (Rocks Console - RxC), including tools for node installation, deletion and replacement; user, group and roles management; and jobs/queue/scheduler management

  • Historical cluster usage, performance and benchmark reports

  • Supports: x86, x86-64, AMD64, IA64-2

Scalable Systems offer four software packages to choose from based on your needs and organization. It has versions of the Rocks software available for the community, academia and commercial users.

Community Edition

RxC roll available via download only. Not for commercial user. Not for OEM/SI/VAR use and this includes building a cluster system that includes RxC and selling that cluster or cluster resources to customers. Fair exchange, or "Quid pro Quo" (something for something) policy applies.

Open Edition

Includes Scalable Rocks Console (RxC) and NPACI Rocks OS in a media kit. Does not include Red Hat Enterprise Linux licenses and support and updates. Includes Rocks updates and forum support only. For commercial and academic use.

Academic Edition

Includes Scalable Rocks Console (RxC) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux licenses and official updates. Includes STANDARD Support. Academic degree granting institutions only.

Commercial Edition

Includes Scalable Rocks Console (RxC) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux licenses and official updates. Includes STANDARD Support. Commercial use.



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