Resources for “Open-Source Learning Management with Moodle”


More Open-Source LMSes Licensed under the GPL:

ATutor: PHP, MySQL, Ver. 1.4 (May, 2004):

Claroline: PHP, MySQL, Ver. 1.5RC (May, 2004):

DotLRM: OpenACS, Ver. 2.0.2 (Mar. 2004):

Eledge: Java, MySQL, Ver. 3.1.0 (Oct. 2003):

Fle3: Zope, Ver. 1.4.5 (Nov. 2003):

ILAIS: PHP, MySQL, Ver. 3.0.0 (May, 2004):

Interact: PHP, MySQL, Ver. 1.8.7 (Apr. 2004):

Manhattan: CGI, C, Apache Ver.2.4, (May.2004):

SpaghettiLearning: PHP, MySQL, Ver.1.1RC (Apr. 2004):

Whiteboard: PHP, MySQL, Ver. 1.0.3, (Aug.2003):

For More LMSes See:

UNESCO Free Software Portal:


e-Learning Center:

To compare LMSes see:

To try out some LMSes and several other PHP/MySQL-based content management systems without having to install them first see:

Selected References

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Ariel Schwartz11's picture

Very nice Site number one topic Thanks you.. online education

Where are the "resources"?

Annoyed Subscriber's picture

The "new" web site seems almost like you restored an old backup or something. There is no mention of the current issue of LJ on your main page, and when I try to get the resources for the Moodle article, I get referred to the LJI site. OK fine, but Moodle is not even LISTED there either. Neither site has it accessible. Great, so I will go use Google instead. Arrrr!

The Moodle website is at http

Anonymous's picture

The Moodle website is at

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