Resources for “A Unioning Filesystem for Linux”

Unionfs Project Page:

E. Zadok. “Writing Stackable File Systems”, Linux Journal, May 2003, pages 22–25.



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Application Level Alternative?

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Does anyone know of a file manager that does this sort of thing? Read-only is fine, I'd just like some way to browse all my MP3 folders as a single list. You would think that the GNOME VFS stuff would allow it, but I haven't been able to figure out how to set it up if it does.

linux-2.4 only, at present

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Darn. I don't really want to downgrade, even if it would be for this nice feature. The article might have mentioned that (as well as giving the URL, of course). Presumably a 2.6 version will appear someday.

Missing Feature

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This package looks pretty cool. Bringing together different file systems under a union appears useful. I think bringing the resources together would be useful also. Where do you get this package? Is it just theory? There doesn't appear to be a location where this package can be retieved.

The editors did a pretty poor

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The editors did a pretty poor job of letting this get through. *NOWHERE* in the print article is there a URL that points to code, or homepages of the authors. Instead, there is a single mention of the 'resources' page off the Linux Journal website, which points to a page with the code. I can understand moving code snippets and other potentially long listings off to a webpage, seperate from the printed article, but not including a basic URL is just silly.