Resources for “Adding Clam Antivirus to Your Postfix Server”

The ClamAV Home Page:

The amavisd-new Home Page:

The amavisd-new Install Instructions:


Dag Wieers' Page:

Eicar Anti-Virus Test File:

Genco Yilmaz's comprehensive tutorial on setting up your SMTP gateway with Postfix, amavisd-new, ClamAV and so on includes detailed list of required Perl modules for amavisd-new and good ClamAV configuration tips:

Ralf Spenneberg's Postfix/amavisd-new Tutorial—although ClamAV is not covered, the Postfix configuration advice is particularly helpful:

Scott Vintinner's Anti-Spam Gateway Tutorial—OpenBSD-centric, it also doesn't cover ClamAV, but it does include instructions on running amavisd-new in a chroot jail, which especially is important if you intend to have amavisd accept TCP connections from other hosts:



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System requirements

Anonymous's picture

Was wondering what kind of system requirements would be acceptable for processing and checking email for a business of less then 50 users?

I also was wondering if you can incorporate with Maia Mailguard? That looks like a very nice frontend. But I do not want to have users mess with email.

Just wondering.