New Products

Redfone Enterprise Communication System, HS-4703 and HS-4702 Embedded Engine Boards, WaveStore 703 and more.

Linux Media Arts announced the availability of the L-Server, a 64-bit Linux digital disk recording (DDR) system. The L-Server employs AMD dual Opteron 64-bit technology, dual DDR memory, 1TB of storage, an AJA HD capture/playback card and eight-channel embedded AES/EBU audio. It has Serial RS232/422 control ports with Sony protocol for external deck control. It is available in an LMA mini-tower or 3U LMA rackmount configuration. Its open architecture supports any plugin, or users can build their own. The L-Server SDK allows developers to build plugins, codecs and special effects that can be dropped onto the video track timeline. Users can operate the L-Server and/or remote tape deck from a control panel or from a browser window. L-Server can capture directly from all HD VTRs and various HD cameras. Graphics can be shared across platforms using the standard NFS/SMB filesystem.

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