Automating Government with e-Governance

Can Linux improve the lives of millions of people too poor to own a computer?
Looking Forward

Linux provides true business value to governments through lower costs and better information security as well as proven interoperability through adherence to open standards. However, increased language support is required to increase Linux usage in many government agencies throughout the world. Some government agencies, such as the Israeli Ministry of Finance, have taken a proactive approach and enlisted the help of Sun Microsystems and IBM to add Hebrew support to

Additional attention should be paid to simplifying the steps to add additional language support to the various Linux applications in order to further advance Linux adoption by government agencies. Finally, improved documentation will provide the needed boost to the many open-source supporters itching for a chance to add their favorite language to the many already supported by Linux.

Akbar S. Ahmed ( is the President and COO of Delixus, Inc. Delixus and Delixus Software India Pvt. Ltd. service the international software services and consulting markets. Ahmed manages global operations including the technology division, which specializes in Linux to Windows interoperability. He holds an MBA in Information Technology and a BA in Economics and frequently speaks on the topics of Linux and offshore outsourcing.



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Miss use of e-governance

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Dear Sir, I am really impressed by the content of the paper , fluency of its language and clarity with which the advantages of open source software has been brought out.
I would however like to know how to built up various checks and balances in the system of e-governance so that a power hungry high govt. official or a over ambitious political leader can not miss use the system to sbotage public interest for their own gain.Knowledge is power and power is a double edged sword which if used wrongly can do erepairable damage to the socity.Obviously this can not be done by firewall or anti virus softwares, something special is needed to avoid the power hungry and anti social maniac to gain control of e-governance.This danger may not be apparent at present but we can not rule out such catastrophe in distant future.
Please let us know how such balance and checks can be built in the system so that catastrophic decisions either by gogt. or by hackers may be detected and screened out.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
B C bhowmick
Asansol, India

Re: Automating Government with e-Governance

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The article made good reading. I want to know some more technical info. May I request you to take out some time to answer these queries:-
Is the solution totally in Unicode including data storage, sorting, and display using opentype fonts?

Which is the font used? Is it a truetype font or opentype font?

What about the keybaord input? Which IME did you use? What is the layout being used?

The diagram shows that the database server used is Delixus Linux PostgreSQL. Is it different from PostgreSQL? Did you use Kannada sorting on this? If so, is the sorting perfect as per Kannada sorting order?

Expecting an early reply from you.
Thanks and regards,